Do Shashlyku (Barbecue) Ketchup

Doy-pack (nozzled), 200 g

Best for roasted meat and barbecue

Chuguev-Product™ 'Do Shashlyku' (Barbecue) Ketchup is specially formulated to add flavor and enhance the taste of your hot, just off the grill, barbecue. It comes with an artfully balanced selection of herbs and spices that especially well go along with fried or roasted meats. Despite its name, this ketchup also makes a wonderful addition to grilled vegetables, home-style fried potatoes or french-fried potatoes as well as pot roast or baked meat. Made of select Ukrainian tomatoes.

6 months 0 … 25°C Ref.Spec. (Ukraine) 15.8-2427920134-001:2003
Do Shashlyku (Barbecue) Ketchup
This is a Halal product
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